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Best Titanium Eyeglasses Canada


Browse our collection of titanium eyeglasses and sunglasses frames and discover stylish, impeccably made, and rugged eyewear. You’ll find classic and contemporary full-, semi-, and rimless styles constructed of durable titanium: These lightweight glasses are designed to hold up to heavy wear.

Titanium Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Frames

Titanium eyewear is lightweight enough for all-day comfort, but don’t let the featherlight feel fool you: Titanium frames are rugged and flexible, so they offer impressive durability. Corrosion-resistant titanium won’t rust or deteriorate due to contact with moisture. They’re hypoallergenic, too, so they won’t cause allergic reactions like some metal alloys can. Find favourite eyeglasses and sunglasses shapes including contemporary rectangles, classic aviators, sophisticated rounds, and subtle rimless and semi-rimless frames in a range of metallic hues. For added interest, temple details can infuse a bit of personality. Titanium eyeglasses are perfect for everyday wear—they stand up to daily use and look great for years. Heavy-duty, lightweight titanium is a perfect option for impact-resistant glasses—explore this collection for worksite-rated frames as well.

Or, reach for a pair of titanium sunglasses, especially favoured by anglers for the light, comfortable feel that won’t weigh you down—and the ability to resist corrosion and withstand harsh environments like the salty ocean or weeks at camp. Titanium-frame sunglasses are available with prescription lenses in a variety of colours, too. Choose your lens material, then tailor your sunglasses to perfection: These styles offer a range of options including polarized or non-polarized, anti-reflective coatings, photochromic lenses, or gradient tint. Find titanium glasses from our collection for eyewear that will see you through years of adventure.

Titanium Eyeglasses FAQs

Is Titanium a Good Material for Eyewear?

While there are many options available to you, titanium is an excellent material for glasses. The durability of titanium glasses makes them a strong option and the lightweight nature of the frames can help you feel much more comfortable wearing your glasses no matter what daily tasks you need to accomplish.

Will Titanium Frames Break?

Due to the nature of the material, titanium eyeglasses are not likely to break. Titanium is a durable material that is also known for being flexible. This means the frames are likely to withstand sudden blows and are likely to retain their integrity even after being bent or dropped numerous times.

What Is Memory Titanium?

Memory titanium is a special type of titanium. In most cases, eyewear referred to as “memory glasses” are comprised of a bendable form of titanium metal that has been treated to increase the flexibility of the metal and deliver an exceptional pair of eyewear.

Are Titanium Frames a Good Investment?

Titanium rimless glasses are definitely a great investment. While you might pay a little more upfront than you would with other options, you need to consider the long run. The overall strength and durability of titanium make it easy for you to hold on to your glasses for many years to come.

Is Titanium a Flexible Material?

As mentioned, titanium is a very flexible material. The material is able to bend and conform as a person needs, allowing the natural durability of the titanium to shine through. The combination of flexibility and strength adds a level of protection to your eyewear that can be difficult to beat. Memory titanium can enhance the experience even more by increasing the flexibility of the frames and providing an even better level of security. Whether you opt for a traditional pair of frames or you explore the more in-depth protection offered by memory titanium options, there are plenty of exciting choices to consider. Take a look at the many fantastic offerings available through Glasses Canada to get a better feel for the right fit for you.

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