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Best Prescription Sports Glasses Canada

GlassesCanada.com aims to reduce preventable sports-related eye injuries with prescription sport safety glasses. Buy prescription sports goggles online here! Browse sports glasses, sports sunglasses, and sports goggles by activity to find the best frames for superior performance under exertion.

Did you know that you can ditch your regular glasses and use prescription sports glasses while playing sports? Prescription Sports Glasses by GlassesCanada.com are made using specialized materials that include high-end plastic and fiber which are durable, strong, and safer for the eyes during physical activity and sports. These prescription sports glasses also help in protecting your eyes from injuries and UV rays from the sun. This will ensure that your eyes are safe while you are playing any sports!

Prescription sports goggles come in a wide range of trendy designs to choose from! The best part is that all of our safety glasses comply with ANSI Z87 (The American

National Standards Institute) guidelines and meet the safety standards of the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA).

Purchase a pair of prescription sports glasses so that your eyes are safe from any accidents, injuries and you could look at your best at the same time!

Prescription Sports Sunglasses Online

Shop the Best Prescription Sports Sunglasses, Glasses & Goggles Online for men, and women. Buy cheap sports eyewear at GlassesCanada.com at discount price.

Why Prescription Sports Glasses?

Enhancing your vision for athletic activities can be essential to your performance on the field. Prescription sports glasses are an optimal choice for anyone whose eyesight has the potential to hinder them while engaging in various sports and activities. GlassesCanada.com carries a wide range of styles that are designed to help improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury during athletic endeavors. Our high-quality prescription sports glasses can withstand high impact for use in any number of sports, from soccer and basketball to football and lacrosse. Our sports glasses and prescription athletic eyewear will ensure that you can see clearly no matter what sport you play.

Buy Prescription Sports Goggles Online

When you put in your full effort on the court or field, the last thing you want to worry about is pushing your eyeglasses back up your nose. Running, spinning, jumping, juking, swinging, and kicking all require you to throw your body around - including your head. In the process, your glasses will shift out of place, making it challenging to maximize your body-eye coordination. That's why you should check out and buy prescription sports goggles online.

Whether you are an adult or youth athlete, safety glasses are a must. You can find sports-friendly eyeglasses for all face sizes, head proportions, and prescriptions. Check out our selection at GlassesCanada.com; our team can help you find the right pair so that you can buy prescription sports goggles online.

Prescription Sports Glasses & Goggles By GlassesCanada.com

While playing sports outdoor, it's very likely that your eyes may get injured. Wearing prescription sports goggles by GlassesCanada.com protects the eyes from wind, bad weather, UV radiations, or any external injury. These prescription sports glasses are designed for athletics and regular wear purposes using high-grade plastic which is very strong and acts as an excellent shield for your delicate eyes.

GlassesCanada.com offers very good looking, stylish, and sleek designs of prescription sports glasses that feel light-weighted and extremely comfortable to wear while you perform your athletic activities. We even offer polycarbonate lenses and hydrophobic rubber construction. We have also incorporated technologies like glare guard and UV protection in the lenses which give additional safety to your eyes.

We have a well-renowned name among sports players who blindly trust our exclusive range of prescription sports glasses while playing their favourite sports. So what are you waiting for? It's time to give the best layer of protection to your eyes, order a pair of prescription sports glasses from our website now!

Prescription Sports Glasses FAQs

How to Choose the Best Sports Glasses Online?

Sports persons should invest in a good pair of sports Glasses. These Glasses will not only protect your eyes but will also protect your vision. Unfortunately, too many athletes pay more attention to other items of their sports gear and fail to adequately pay attention to protecting their eyes. The good news is there are plenty of varieties of sports sunglasses to choose from but before you make your choice, there are a few things to consider.

Need Prescription Sport Glasses from Glasses Canada?

We offer a wide selection of sports glasses with your prescription, Shop our selection of prescription sports glasses that meet the ASTM F803-19 standard for football glasses, baseball glasses, basketball glasses, and shooting glasses.

Why Buy Sports Glasses Online At Glasses Canada?

Here at Glasses Canada provide high-quality specialist prescription sports glasses. For over 10 years we have been helping sportsmen and women achieve the perfect vision to enhance their sporting abilities and enjoyment of their sport.

Where do I provide my prescription info for ordering prescription sports glasses?

After clicking on a preferred style of prescription sports glasses from our inventory, you’ll be taken to a landing page where you can start to make selections. Above the “customize lens” button, you’ll see radio buttons for “prescription lens” and “non-prescription lenses.” Be sure the “prescription lens” button is selected before hitting “customize lens.” After that, we walk you through the process step by step.

Are the lens colors restricted by the fact that I’m ordering prescription lenses?

It depends on the frames. The lens colours for all the Prescription sports glasses are generally based on the particular manufacturer and frame style. You’ll see the color options in a drop-down menu on the landing page for a particular set of frames. If there are color restrictions for prescription lenses, it will be noted here. We also let you know which step of the prescription lens process allows for choosing the color of your lens.

What is the difference between prescription sports glasses and prescription sports goggles?

Prescription sports goggles are usually designed to sit tightly against face, protecting your eyes from air and other hazards that can get through the openings on the side that are typically offered by sports glasses. With both options, you get lenses that can be designed to correct your vision as per a set of prescription glasses.

What are my style options for sports glasses?

We offer a wide range of sports glasses so you’re sure to find a pair that fits your particular style. For most pairs, you can choose one of several combinations for frame and lens colors. Click on the “Additional information” tab on a landing page to get more information, including recommended face shape and activities.

Where can I find the general safety features of a set of prescription sport glasses?

On the landing page for each set of sports glasses, we provide black and white icons that indicate the general safety features for a particular pair. Some icons you’ll run across include OSHA approval, water resistance, ANSI rating, wrap around design and the inclusion of cleaning materials, where available.

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