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Progressive No-Line Glasses

Shop our collection of progressive glasses frames for men and women and discover a variety of stylish silhouettes: sleek wraparounds, thick-rimmed wayfarers, contemporary semi-rimless rectangles, and sweeping cat-eyes in an array of colours and patterns. Discover fashion designer frames available with progressive no-line bifocal lenses—enjoy the glasses style you want with the vision correction you need.


If you want premium performance in one, sleek frame, you need a pair of progressive glasses from GlassesCanada. These quality lenses feature a smooth transition between different focal lengths, all in one, stylish design. There are many benefits to owning a pair of progressive lenses. You'll only need one single pair of eyeglasses to be prepared for any kind of occasion. These multifocal lenses offer clear vision up-close, by far, and anywhere in between. Why settle for an unsightly bifocal line in the glass when you can enjoy the seamless, smooth transaction between lens powers? That is exactly why you need a pair of progressive eyeglasses in your life. Our stylish collection contains a wide range of frames, allowing you to find the perfect pair of progressive specs for your specific criteria. Enjoy the convenience of always having the right pair of glasses at hand and order your pair of multifocal lenses today!


Value a premium quality standard but don't want to pay a premium price? GlassesCanada is your match for a pair of stylish and affordable progressive eyeglasses. We pride ourselves on giving you access to an outstanding collection of affordably priced progressive specs. When ordering a pair of multifocal lenses via GlassesCanada, you are truly getting the best deal available. Without compromising on quality or service. Using only high-grade materials that are durable enough for everyday wear, our best progressive eyeglasses are a trustworthy choice for every occasion. And, as your satisfaction is paramount to us, we've also made our ordering process as easy, and intuitive as possible. In just a few simple steps, you will be able to fully customize the specs to suit your personal preferences. Once we've received your order, our team will get to work straight away in creating your one-of-a-kind pair of progressive glasses, shipped directly to your front door. It really is that easy.


What Are Progressive Glasses?

Progressive glasses are glasses with three prescription powers. They are essentially bifocals without the line between prescription powers and optimized to allow viewing at intermediate ranges too. In progressive reading glasses, the transition between the range of prescription powers is smooth, allowing for a midrange prescription power between the distance power at the top and the reading segment at the bottom.

How Does A Progressive Lens Work?

Progressive reading glasses reduce eye strain by bringing everything into sharp focus, regardless of how close or far away it is. They work by creating a seamless and gradual shift between three visual correction powers as you move down the lens. You can see objects in the distance by looking straight ahead, then tilt your head slightly upward to see mid-distance objects, and glance slightly downward to see close-up objects.

What Are The Advantages Of Progressive Glasses?

Progressive reading glasses blend three prescriptions seamlessly so that there is no image jump or visual line on your lenses. They provide the convenience of multiple pairs of glasses into one, so you never need to worry about forgetting a pair at home when you’re out. There is also no need to switch pairs when you move from tasks like reading and driving.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Progressive Glasses?

Traditionally, progressive reading glasses have been more expensive than other types of multifocal lenses. Progressive lenses can also make wearers feel a bit nauseous or dizzy when they first begin wearing them. There is sometimes a slight bit of distortion–known as a “swim effect”–at the edge of progressive lenses that can affect peripheral vision. Most of these side effects disappear once the eyes have adjusted to the lenses.

Are Progressive Lenses Good For Driving?

Sure, progressive lenses are good for reading, computer use, and everyday activities, but are they good for driving? They certainly are. The same qualities that make them so well suited to other activities make them excellent driving glasses. The only precaution you may want to take is to ease into driving when you first start wearing progressive glasses–it can take a while to adjust and become more comfortable with them.

What Is The Average Cost Of Progressive Lenses?

Because you get three glasses in one, progressive lenses are notoriously expensive, often costing many hundreds of dollars. Glasses Canada has a range of progressive reading glasses that cost a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. Ordering progressive glasses online brings you affordable high-quality progressive lenses in 1000+ fashionable designs, so you can look swell and see well.

How Long Does It Take To Adjust To Progressive Glasses?

Some people adjust to progressive reading glasses almost immediately, while others may take a few days or even a few weeks. If you haven’t adjusted to your progressive lenses after a week, you should speak to your eye doctor about it. They may need an adjustment or be the wrong option for you.

Should You Wear Progressive Glasses All The Time?

While it can take a little while to adjust to wearing progressive reading glasses, the more frequently you wear them, the easier the adjustment will be. Wearing them every day for at least two weeks without switching back and forth with your old glasses will help your eyes get used to the different powers in the lenses. However, if you are struggling to adjust, you should use your old glasses for driving until you are comfortable with your new glasses.

Why Are Progressive Lenses Blurry On The Sides?

The peripheral blurriness that people associate with progressive reading glasses is actually caused by incorporating three lens powers into one lens. The blurriness can be disorienting at first, but as your eyes adjust to the glasses, you should cease to notice it at all. If you continue to be bothered by the blurriness after a couple of weeks, your glasses or glasses prescription may need to be adjusted.

Should I Get Progressive Reading Glasses Or Bifocals?

Choosing between bifocals and progressive glasses is both a matter of preference and convenience. Progressive lenses are great for people who need to wear glasses every day because they cover all distances in one prescription. They also give you a younger, fresher look. However, bifocals are good for folks who only need glasses occasionally or who have trouble adjusting to progressive reading glasses.

How Big Do Frames Need To Be For Progressive Lenses?

When it comes to progressive reading glasses, frame size is an important consideration. Certain frames will work better for certain progressive lenses. It is important that frames are tall enough for the entire range of vision provided by progressive lenses to fit within. Frames with a very short lens will likely not fit progressive lenses well; aviators and cat-eyes are also poor choices, as they will minimize the area of the reading lens. Look for frames at least 28mm tall to give you the best progressive glasses experience.

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