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What are Bifocal Lenses?

Bifocal lenses are the all-in-one solution for correcting vision up-close and at-distance. A bifocal lens features two lens powers, divided by a line in the middle. This means a pair of bifocal glasses corrects both nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia) by changing the way light rays bend into the eyes. A big perk of bifocals is that this dual-correction means you’ll always have the right pair of glasses at hand. No matter if you want to read a book or drive a car: bifocals have got you - and your vision needs - covered. Bifocal lenses and bifocal reading glasses not only allow you to see clearly at any distance, but also alleviate eye strain, squinting, eye fatigue, and headaches: all symptoms associated with uncorrected nearsightedness and farsightedness. A bifocal prescription may seem slightly more complicated than a single focal prescription, but once you know the most important terms - it’s surprisingly easy to read. The main part of the prescription (the sphere, cylinder, and Axis values) refers to the correction for distance. Then there’s an additional value for ADD: the required strength for the near prescription correction in the bottom half of your bifocals/progressive lenses. When you shop for bifocal glasses online at Glasses Canada, entering your Rx prescription manually is quick and straightforward. We also give you the option to upload a picture of your Rx prescription, which makes buying your bifocals even easier. If you want an all-in-one solution that makes switching between different strength prescription glasses a thing of the past, choose the convenience and comfort of bifocal lenses via Glasses Canada!

The Most Convenient Way to Buy Bifocal Glasses in Canada

At Glasses Canada we help you save time and money when shopping for high-quality bifocal eyeglasses: lenses that simultaneously correct nearsightedness and farsightedness using two fields of focus. Our collection of bifocals glasses offers premium durability and clarity, at great pricing affordable to all. This means you take advantage of the best deals on bifocal glasses, without compromising on comfort or optical performance. Furthermore, you can customize any frame in our collection with bifocal lenses. When you shop for bifocals at your local optician, you’re restricted by a limited choice in styles. However, when you buy your bifocals online at Glasses Canada, you benefit from direct access to the most popular frames - including rimless glasses, coloured frames, and retro styles. Shopping for all types of bifocal lenses via Glasses Canada is quick and convenient. Start by selecting your favourite frame, then choose bifocal as your lens type and enter your Rx prescription details. If you need help at any stage of the ordering process, you can contact our dedicated customer support via live chat, e-mail, and/or phone. Our team is there to make your shopping experience as hassle-free, time-saving, and enjoyable as possible, so don’t hesitate to call upon our expertise when buying your bifocal eyeglasses at Glasses Canada online.


What are bifocal glasses?

You can think of bifocal glasses as two pairs of glasses in one: a pair of glasses for everyday wear, and a pair of glasses for reading. That’s because bifocal lenses feature two viewing areas divided by a visible line: the larger area is for distance, and the smaller area at the bottom is for reading. Don’t look at them as granny glasses or old man spectacles, but rather as the best of both worlds.

How Do Bifocal Glasses Work?

Bifocal reading glasses have two different lens prescriptions on the same lens. The top portion of the lens is your normal distance prescription, and the bottom section of the lens is for seeing things close-up, like reading. These two lenses allow you to alternate between them as you need to by moving your eyes up or down.

What Is The Purpose Of Bifocal Glasses?

Generally speaking, bifocal glasses serve the purpose of giving you all of the vision correction you need in one pair of glasses. Being able to read and perform close-up tasks without switching to another pair of glasses, or having to carry around a second pair, is a great convenience to many glasses wearers. ExtraEyewear offers some of the best online bifocal glasses, and they're just a click away.

How Do I Know If I Need Bifocal Glasses?

If you’re in your early 40s, you may have noticed a few changes in recent years, including:

● You find yourself holding menus, books, and magazines ever further from your face to read them.

● You get headaches or eye fatigue when doing up-close tasks like writing by hand or small, detailed tasks.

● Your quality of vision changes throughout the day: your vision is blurry upon waking or things get blurrier as the day goes on.

● While you’re driving, you notice that the speedometer is a little out of focus when you glance down at it.

● You carry around more than one pair of glasses to use throughout the day.

If any of these things sound familiar, you’re not alone. Presbyopia is the clinical term for changes that come with ageing, making it difficult to see clearly at close distances. If you’re experiencing any of these signs of presbyopia, it might be time for bifocal glasses.

What Is The Difference Between Bifocal And Progressive Lenses?

In bifocal glasses, the two prescription areas of the lens are divided by a distinct, visible horizontal line. Glasses with progressive lenses are basically bifocals without the telltale line dividing the prescriptions. Progressive lenses often have an intermediate distance between the two, which is ideal for computer use.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bifocal Glasses?

The advantages of bifocal reading glasses are the convenience of having two lenses in one and that they are traditionally less expensive than progressive glasses. Their disadvantages are the “jump” of the image between close up and distance lens areas, the lack of intermediate vision, and the time it takes to get used to them.

How Long Does It Take To Get Used To Bifocal Glasses?

People wearing bifocals for the first time may take a week or two to adjust to them. It can take even longer, and some find that they cannot make the transition and give up on them completely.

How Can I Make The Adjustment To Bifocal Glasses Easier?

Adjusting to wearing bifocal glasses can be a challenge, but you can definitely take some measures to make the adjustment smoother:

● Wear your bifocal glasses continuously to get your eyes used to them.

● Don’t look down when you walk, and if you need to, tilt your head down so that you are looking through the top portion of the lenses.

● Adapt your reading habits by holding your reading material below your face so that you are looking through the lower portion of your glasses.

● Make sure your bifocal glasses are properly fitted to your face.

Are Bifocals Good For Driving?

Bifocal glasses work wonderfully for driving, but many people prefer using bifocal sunglasses for driving to cut down on glare. The benefit of driving with bifocals is that when you need to look at the dashboard or read a map, you’ll already have glasses on that are up to the task.

Can You Get Bifocals Without Lines?

Yes! If you love the idea of bifocal glasses but hate the lines, then you should consider progressive lenses. They are basically bifocal glasses without the lines, and they add a mid-distance area that is particularly useful for computer use.

Who Invented Bifocal Reading Glasses?

While there is some question as to the accuracy of the claim, Benjamin Franklin is generally credited for the invention of bifocals. Even if he did not invent them, he was certainly an early adopter and the reason for their popularity from the late 1700s and on.

Can you get bifocal glasses without a prescription?

Because bifocal glasses are defined by their featuring multiple prescriptions, you can’t get bifocal glasses without prescription. Sorry!

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