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Best Prescription Sports Sunglasses Canada

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Glasses Canada strives to create the best prescription sports sunglasses and prescription sports goggles that are tailored uniquely to your sport and vision needs.

Prescription Sports Sunglasses FAQs

Can you get prescription sports glasses?

For athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who spend much of their time outdoors, having the right eyewear is essential for preventing eye injury, enhancing clarity, and boosting performance. Prescription sports sunglasses allow people who need corrective lenses to experience all these benefits.

What prescription sports sunglasses look best on my face shape?

When searching for prescription sport sunglasses online, performance isn’t all that matters. Having a pair of glasses that look good is important as well. In addition to considering frame colour and style, you’ll want to choose a pair of glasses that also are right for your face type.

Are polarized sunglasses good for sports?

Whether or not you should opt for polarized prescription sports sunglasses depends on the activity you are wearing them for and personal preference. Some people may find they prefer photochromic or regular sunglasses when biking, riding a motorcycle, or playing ball sports. Polarized glasses are ideal for water sports, skiing, and hiking.

How do sports players keep their glasses on?

Almost all sports sunglasses use a wraparound frame style, which is much snugger to the face. You can also add straps onto your prescription sports sunglasses or opt for a pair of goggles with a strap already built-in and suctioning around the eyes.

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