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Prescription Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles & Safety Sunglasses with ANSI Z87.1 Rating. All Safety Glasses come with Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lens.

At Glasses Canada, we are excited to present our in-house line of prescription safety glasses. Whether you work a demanding nine-to-five job with lots of flying debris or simply enjoy woodworking in your spare time, our line of prescription safety glasses can help you see clearly while offering the maximum amount of protection for your eyes.

To start, our collection of prescription safety glasses is manufactured according to rigorous safety standards. We have an in-house lab that allows us to create the highest quality frames for our customers. While we pay close attention to all elements of the design process, we take special care in ensuring that safety glasses offer the maximum amount of protection. Along with this, many of our prescription safety glasses are ANSI approved. This can give you the confidence that your prescription safety glasses are durable and will protect you from flying dust, sand, radiation, and flying debris. Incorporating your prescription lenses into your favourite pair is also completely seamless.

As you can see below, we have designed many different types of prescription safety glasses. You can filter out your individual preferences by using the tool on the left side of this page. For instance, you can filter out based on frame style, frame features, temple features, and safety ratings. In terms of design, you can select from a long list of frame colours, like blue, camouflage, matte demi, taupe, and pink.

High Prescription Safety Glasses Canada

A common problem for people who wear glasses with a very high prescription strength is a lack of selection when it comes to frames. As you increase the curvature of lenses, they become thicker. With higher prescriptions, lenses grow so thick that they can come in contact with the eyelashes or face, and extremely thick lenses are also difficult or impossible to insert into many stylish wraparound frames. Another issue is your vision: high prescriptions in wraparound frames cause distortion due to the thickness of the lenses and their abnormal nearness to the cornea. Generally speaking, wraparound frames are not a good choice for prescriptions where the cylinder measurement exceeds +/- 2.50 or the sphere exceeds +/- 5.0.

That’s where this high RX glasses collection on our website comes in. If you’re somebody who has a high prescription, then this list is for you: all of the frames listed below will work with high prescriptions. This list features stylish and/or wraparound styles that can accommodate high prescriptions, either through a special type of lens pocket, an optical illusion, or a trick of eyeglasses engineering. All of these frames have our seal of approval for high prescriptions, and each has been used by real customers and shown to consistently work for people with high prescriptions.

Glasses Canada Safety Glasses FAQs

How to Buy Prescription Protective Eyewear?

There are millions of people all around the world that are eager to wear the right kind of prescription protective eyewear. These important items of eyewear are designed to protect the eyes and to enhance a person’s vision at the same time. What they do is cover or even seal the area surrounding the eyes. In some ways, they resemble wraparound frames or frames with side shields. It pays to find out more about how to protect your eyes, especially if you are working in dangerous environments. After all, you do not want to risk eye injuries.

Do You Need Prescription Safety Eyeglasses?

Wearing prescription safety glasses is the best way to protect your eyes against eye hazards. Did you know that hundreds of thousands of American workers suffer eye injuries each year? Ninety percent of these eye injuries can be prevented by wearing the right safety eyeglasses. If you are a construction worker, or if you work in the oil and gas industry, then you need the right eye protection to protect your eyes. Since a person’s eyesight is their most important asset, it makes sense to do everything in your power to protect your vision. The right safety eyewear can help you do just that.

Why Use Safety Glasses with Prescription Lenses?

Safety glasses with prescription lenses are a very important item of personal protective equipment. Not only do you have to choose them carefully but also you need to know how to use them properly. More importantly, you need to maintain your glasses well so that they provide long-lasting protection for your eyes. As an employee, you also need coaching about how to maintain as well as use this kind of personal protective equipment. Safety eyewear is a critically important aspect of staying safe in your workplace. Most eye injuries at the workplace are preventable and it only requires the right safety glasses for you to stay safe.

Why Shop for Rx Safety Glasses Online??

If you shop for Rx safety glasses online you stand to benefit in many ways. First of all, there are more frame options to choose from and the costs involved are lower. The best part is that you can even try on some of these frames from the comfort of your home. If you have a normal prescription, then you will find it very easy to buy your safety glasses online. A very high percentage of American adults wear prescription glasses and if you need to protect your eyes at work or play or even at home, then you need to choose the best Rx safety glasses.

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